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Whispers in the Shadows
there are things in the dark
and they call my name.
They whisper softly
and caress with ghostly fingers.
"Come and play with us,"
they entreat.
And you tell me to run from them.
But I don't know why.
They have never hurt me.
:iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 1 0
Diamonds On The Floor
Empty eyes unseeing,
as melted diamonds drop
and land among their kin
already on the floor.
No one knows like you do
how those melted diamonds feel,
yet you can't seem to find
that feeling anymore.
:iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0
Only Human
You have perfect eyesight, 
and I wear corrective lenses
but I see things that you do not,
things that, perhaps, you refuse to see.
I see that you are not
the monster you are convinced
that you are.
You are only human.
You make mistakes.
We all do.
:iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0
A whisper echoes like a shout.
You say you are not angry,
but I can see the fear you hide
in your eyes and I see it swallow
you up when you think I am not
looking at you.
There are whispered words, and
I don't know which voices I am
supposed to be listening to, and
nothing makes sense anymore
because I cannot tell which 
voices are real and which are
the unwanted fairy tales I made 
up long ago, the ones I brought
to life to keep me company in 
those long, lonely days, years ago,
when you would not.
And you tell me that I should
be very grateful, that others
would not understand as you do,
but you don't, you never have,
and I don't know why 
I ever even thought you could.
:iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0
Mc Avi Pixel by Corneille-Crow Mc Avi Pixel :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Wip by Corneille-Crow Wip :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Jasper Ahuura by Corneille-Crow Jasper Ahuura :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Wuzhou Quincy by Corneille-Crow Wuzhou Quincy :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Vigdis Skulda by Corneille-Crow Vigdis Skulda :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Saphia Cyanea by Corneille-Crow Saphia Cyanea :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 1 0 Darnel Kinzan by Corneille-Crow Darnel Kinzan :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 2 0 Kousan Beyerd by Corneille-Crow Kousan Beyerd :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Garvin Grusha by Corneille-Crow Garvin Grusha :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Lyubov Hadley by Corneille-Crow Lyubov Hadley :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Adrian Melain by Corneille-Crow Adrian Melain :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 0 0 Terrik Sekani by Corneille-Crow Terrik Sekani :iconcorneille-crow:Corneille-Crow 1 0
My stuff is free to use wherever (aside from tracing- don't do that, okay?), unless I say otherwise, but I'd like to be asked first, and if you do (and I give you permission to use it) crediting ("Title" by Corneille-Crow on deviantArt) is not optional.


N8rd by Natsunohuyana N8rd :iconnatsunohuyana:Natsunohuyana 112 5 Callie bby by Natsunohuyana Callie bby :iconnatsunohuyana:Natsunohuyana 57 3 New ID by Natsunohuyana New ID :iconnatsunohuyana:Natsunohuyana 25 2 Beginning ... by JOSIPCSOOR Beginning ... :iconjosipcsoor:JOSIPCSOOR 39 8
The Fae-King Sleeps
A glass tiara, a gown of nettles
a rotten fruit, a floor of petals.
Sin-stained suits, a sword of stone,
a bloody slash, a shard of bone.
The faerie court of glass and blood,
A single thrust, a hollow thud.
The Faeire King falls cold and still,
his violet ichor drips ice-chill.
The Faerie hollow silent, weeps,
Upon the floor, the Fae-king sleeps
:iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 11 3
Night Spirit by MercuryStarlight Night Spirit :iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 1 0 Textured Tree by MercuryStarlight Textured Tree :iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 2 0 The Witch and The Moon by MercuryStarlight The Witch and The Moon :iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 1 0
The wind howls across the emptiness of the void, creating a hollow note, the one the universe plays to usher in the end. The few stunted trees that remain here have been scorchfrozenscorchfrozen so many times that their bark is black and their leaves are scarce and thin, useless things when they actually are present. It does not matter to the trees that their leaves are useless, they are too dead to care.
Before your eyes, a few more leaves break their ties to their trees and escape into the world. You can almost hear them laughing with abandon at their new-found freedom. You envy them.
The dirt beneath your feet is a blood-red-brown, not quit soil or sand or clay, but something of a hostile, infertile thing lodged somewhere in the gaps between the three.
The wind claws at your hair, tugs as your clothes, slaps your skin. The sky is a thin, clear, cruel blue, as unkind and unwelcoming as the ground below it and the hateful wind that blows between them.
The air is cold, bitterly, freezi
:iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 1 0
Counting Clouds and Counting lovers
You count the stars
1001, 1002, 1003
And I count
all the things
that I love about you
but there are too many to name
and I soon lose track
the way you lost track of me
And I count the lovers
lining the streets
on Valentine's Day
1001, 1002, 1003
while you count
so many things
that I don't even know about
in some place
I have never been
with someone
who isn't me.
1001, 1002, 1003
And suddenly
there are too many tears
in my eyes
and I can't count anymore
and when my vision
I have lost track.
The way I lost track of you
1001, 1002, 1003
the way the numbers change
1004, 1005, 1006
and there is no end to them
1007, 1008, 1009
and I still love you
1010, 1011, 1012
and I think I always will
1013, 1014, 1015
and I wish I never met you
:iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 2 0
Sometimes In The Dark
I lie awake
alone and in the dark
and I wonder
I stumble through the motions
of becoming an adult
and I pull on new clothes
that don't really fit
and I assume a new identity
with every passing day
and sometimes
I lie awake
alone and in the dark
and I wonder
:iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 2 0
Candles and Wings
Your broken wings,
fractured and pale,
in all the colors
of a sunset
hide beneath your skin,
and your broken heart
hides inside your chest.
You walk the streets
and hand out
pieces of yourself,
you give your soul away
for free,
because you want to help.
But that is not the way to help.
Do not go around,
trying to fix people.
First you must
fix yourself.
:iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 2 1
Do You Dream Of Love?
You look down at his sleeping form. You think you must be dreaming, because reality could never conspire to leave you in a situation like this, one where you have the power to be the one who walks away unscathed, but you are indeed awake.
You have spent your life a victim, a martyr, a child standing in the shadows of others. Never before have you held such power in your hands, and tasted the freedom it brings.
He looks so small, so fragile and innocent, where he lays dreaming. Or perhaps he isn't dreaming. You have no way to know. Still, wrapped in blankets and surrounded by pillows, he is dwarfed. You marvel at the furrow of his brows, as if he is plagued by nightmares. But he sleeps so soundly, so peacefully. He does not thrash, he does not even turn over...
You wonder what scenes are playing behind his eyelids, and you wonder if you are in any of them. You wonder if he dreams of a world where he isn't the monster that people throw stones at, where there are people who love him. You
:iconmercurystarlight:MercuryStarlight 1 0
Wildflower Rose by Natsunohuyana Wildflower Rose :iconnatsunohuyana:Natsunohuyana 139 20 CLOWN HUNTING by Natsunohuyana CLOWN HUNTING :iconnatsunohuyana:Natsunohuyana 158 13 Herbie2 [STOCK] by C-F-photography Herbie2 [STOCK] :iconc-f-photography:C-F-photography 1,495 283


I have to say, this is absolutely amazing. I love the style you used, and the white on black makes the image a real eye-grabber. Your u...


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Artist | Literature
United States
I'm Ashes, I live in the United States, and I am a writer and artist.
I don't use this account anymore- I have a new one, it's MercuryStarlight and the deviations I've submitted there are much higher quality. Looking back on this account, I've realized I'm progressed a lot as an artist, a writer, and a person since then. Man, I wasn't even out of the closet when I left this thing. So, surprise, guys, I'm super fucking gay- I am so fucking gay I shit rainbows. And also apparently trans. Yeah, who knew? I didn't, not until a few years ago. So, I use they/them pronouns now, and please don't call me a girl or a boy because surprise!!! There are more than two genders and I am not one of those two.

Also I'm deleting some of the more embarrassing trash out of my gallery, not everything, but a lot of stuff is going to go. If it's already got a whole bunch of faves or comments or whatever, it's going to stay for now, but a lot of stuff is getting deleted.

That's all for now, I'm going to get back to work cleaning out my gallery.


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